Regitrans Logistiques

Operational logistics solutions

according to your business. Have a full access to our strong experience.

REGITRANS manages transit and transport flows (incoming and outgoing) between Europe and Central Africa (especially Cameroon – CAR – Chad – Congo)

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Three main services provided

  • Purchasing and consulting in operational logistics
  • Logistics flows Organizer (transit & transport)
  • Operational support on-site
About us

A guarantee of competitiveness

The optimization of current operations

and the handling of the logistics to achieve the lowest cost.

Consulting in operational logistics

Our ability to study the logistical problems of our customers, due to a strong and varied experience in many areas related to logistics.

Logistics flows organizer

We offer adequate economic solutions, depending on logistic needs and constraints of your business.

Operational support on-site

Our methodology has the main actors of your company at the heart of optimizing your operational logistics chain.

Facilitating logistics flows

More than 10 years experience

Strategic partnerships to give the best to our customers

REGITRANS establish strong partnerships with international logistic professionals, in order to control the whole operations of their customers’ logistic flows.

Performance Regitrance

Within the logistics flows

of national and international companies

We work in a close collaboration with our customers

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